The Yellow Brick Road

They told me

Follow the yellow brick road

Nothing bad ever happens

To those who follow


I set my sights on

The status quo

Be average

Don't overstep boundaries


But what if

At a fork 

You take a left

Instead of a right


And what if

Your wicked witch

Can't be killed

Can't be defeated


Oh, they told me to follow

The yellow brick road

It seemed so easy then

But now it's impossible


Dreams turn to nightmares

With each step I take

What happened to yesterday

When all was right in the world?


Oh, the yellow brick road 

Is driving me crazy

The yellow brick road

Is all I have


What should I do?

I can't defeat the witch

I took a wrong turn

And I'm alone


Oh, I never thought 

My dreams would end like this

Dorothy never had her dreams

Turn into nightmares



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