Wed, 03/06/2019 - 22:40 -- lizary

no reason to keep going

i’ll just stay in my bed

the thought of starting up my day

fills me with only dread


i’m living in a dessert

where sorrow is the sand

and hope is like the water

foreign to this hopeless land.


i’m glad they cannot hear me

they don’t listen anyway

to them, depression’s a bad mood

smile, and it goes away. 


they think they’re OCD 

because their closet’s organized.

they think they’re anorexic

‘cause of the gap between their thighs. 


i’m sorry, miss professor,

that i couldn’t come on time.

i was busy lying in my bed,

with no reason and no rhyme.

it’s hard to get my work done,

when i’m not sure i’ll survive.

it’s hard to smile at you,

when i wish i weren’t alive.


i’m back inside my dessert,

at least i’m here alone.

i’ll get used to the drought,

it looks like this might be my home.


but something that i noticed,

a day or two ago,

is that the sand surrounding me

is vibrantly yellow.


i haven’t seen a flower

in at least a thousand years,

yet suddenly, the drought ran out,

and rain washed out my tears.


i know there’s still a dessert

underneath the yellow-green.

but i’m looking to the meadow

where i know i’m heard and seen.


with every drip of yellow

more hope has trickled in

so hear me now, you’re not alone,

your strength is from within.


silence can be so thick,

you might think you’ll never hear.

but if love is what you’ll pick,

hope is always looming near. 


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