A Year of Love and Pain

I started the year with a happy and full heart.

I fell in love with a boy who was there from the start.

We were inseparable and over the moon.

I knew what love meant and wished it wouldn’t end soon.


But then the days grew long and something wasn’t right.

We were fighting and trust was very slight.

I sacrificed and gave it my all;

He was too busy and couldn’t come to my volleyball.


I expected a lot but I didn’t think it was a problem -

Next I knew, my heart was sinking to the bottom.

Through months of pain, tears, and silence,

I have learned lessons that will be forever timeless.


My year was changed by love and by heartbreak.

Happiness came and vanished by mistake

But maybe this is all part of the plan.

There has to be a reason it ended and began. 


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