A year in the life

Change is old

It's an eternal idea

To imagine a year in the life

Oh what growth to behold

I'm becoming a wife

To my true love

I'm a student

To reach my potential

An employee

To work hard for my dreams

A sister, daughter, and friend

To love those who matter most.

Who am I?

Am I who I was a year ago?

Was I, a year ago, who I truly am inside?

A little girl with big dreams?

A princess, soon to be a queen?

A year ago, I was not me.

I was lonely, unhappy, and not really free.

Then he came along

It shaped me

Brought me back to my former self

I was already a student, employee,

Sister, daughter, and friend.

Now I'm something more

A half of someone's "us".

A lot has changed, yet not much at all.

For really, I'm still myself,

Just better after all.

2016 was a stepping stone to further growth.

2017 is my year.


This poem is about: 
My family


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