A Year Ago

If I look back a year ago

At where I started from

I'd see the doors I'd never know

I'd see how far I've come


The older I get the more I see

How far I've yet to run

But when I look at last year's me

How far I've already come!


My birthday's right around the bend

Another year gone by

And looking back at where I've been

I can't believe my eyes


My life has changed, I can't compare

I'll never be the same

The me right now, to me back there

Different people with shared name


If you saw me soemtime last fall

I'd've told you where I'd be

But where I went, is not at all

Who I thought was me


So many doors have hence arose

Much more than I could guess

The more I plan, the more they close

And I end up in a mess


But in the crossroads of the choices

Is where all became clear

I ceased to listen to the voices

Of anger, doubt, and fear


A single door, a single road

Soon rose above the rest

I knew where I was s'posed to go

I knew which way was best


The path I chose has changed a lot

Since I started out

But in the end, I know I got

The best for me, not a doubt


If I look back a year ago

At where I started from

I think for sure I'll never know

The best is yet to come! ~


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