Y'all Gon' Learn Today

I mean…

Is it too much for America to love black people like they love black Friday?

We ask, we ask, we ask

Is it too much for America to love black people like they love black features?

                                                                                                      We ask, we ask, we ask                                                                                                                                

Y’all I could keep going but we ask, we ask, we ask

until we finally understand why this country is so deeply into BDSM

Since they love to screw us and chain us down

We ask to finally understand why America didn’t give us 40 acres and a mule but

Some acres in a jail cell and bull

Yet oddly enough America has the nerve to ask and ask and ask

Why are black people so angry?

America has the audacity to ask and ask and ask

What’s wrong?

We respond!

They say shut up, keep quiet, you’re wrong, you’re racist for calling me out

And everything stays the same

Our demands for equity are drowned out by the songs they want to hear

As if we didn’t make those songs, set those trends, dance those dances, make that play, and built this empire

As if we aren’t worth all the honey and melanin in the world

You don’t own us, you don’t own our brothers, our sisters, our beautiful mothers, nor our fathers

But you do owe us

America tells its citizens to inhale life and exhale the fruits of labor

But how can we when we are stripped of our lives that are not fully lived yet by these devils trying to play God

We are done playing Russian roulette every time we step outside our doors

Jim Crow left after hatching his egg but his feathers cover our streets

We are done being moving targets

Cuz this ain’t hunting season

This ain’t a war

But we swear there will be no justice, no peace, no going silently into that good night

No shucking, no jiving, no running, no hiding in this killing field you call a country

Through the brokenness, lynching’s, attacks, crimes, killings

We still remain beautiful, lovely, alive, courageous, kind

Even though this country has killed so many of us it could never kill our blackness

Nor can it swallow a sea of hope such as blackness

Because we are mixed with black and determination


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This poem is about: 
My country


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