It’s always you

You’re my alarmclock
If it weren’t for you
I’d never get out of bed

You’re my air
‘Cause I just can’t breathe without you

You’re my hobby
Because spending time with you never bores me

You’re my very own fire extinguisher
‘Cause you’re able to put out all my fires

It’s always been you

But then
One day

My alarm didn’t go off

I wasn’t breathing correctly

My hobby didn’t seem to call me anymore

And my fires became unbearable

I looked at you
And the U was gone
And the Y too

So all that’s left
Was O

And me
And wondering
Just wondering
Wondering how I missed it


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Woah, this got real deep real fast, and I wasn't expecting that. This is so well done! Way to go! I especially loved the letters in the poem and what they stood for.


That's so incredibly nice of you! Thank you so so much!! It truly means a lot to me!


Wow expresses so poetically in metaphor, happy love in the beginning then the dejection and missing. Superb poem indeed. Kudos.



Pls pleez. do review// comment my newest poem too, even though commenting is not common here but it's nice to hear from fellow humanity right?



Thanks! I truly appreciate it! Absolutely I'll check it out right now!

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