You were gone . An unconsolable wreck .

Shuddering , shaking , weeping  and wailing .

Then we met .

I held you and ached .

Tried my best to swallow your pain .

Yep , too broken to fix you .

Your toxicity became mine .


It all comes down to me .

Spider senses were roaring .

Abort , abort, abort was the message .

There was no way .

Pennys and pounds .

You said the cracks let the light in .

They also let the poison escape .

You probably  couldn’t  help it 


Did you mean all the stuff?

We’re you Jekyll or Hyde?

You sure gave me a tanning .

Tannins would have been better .

Fixating on the unfixable .

So many red flags that were matter of fact .

Lies and inconsistencies .

All in all , there’s a part of you that helped me see god.


Ps. I feel you lurking and checking on me . It’s tricky .


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