Wrong Decisions


The pain ran down my back
Like some one hit me with a sack of hammers.
When I finally realized what had happened,
The shock started to wear off.
I knew he shouldn't have been driving.
I should have never gotten in with him.
He said he had only two drinks,
But that was two too many.
I thought of my family,
And how I just graduated. And my scholarships I had worked hard for.
Then I realized
I was never going to see anyone again.
All my hopes and dreams are gone,
As my life flashed before my eyes,
Then I grew weaker.
I wanted my parents,
I wanted to go home.


I wanted to have a family of my own some day,
But I never did.
Life is all about making decisions,
Some are good,
Others are bad.
The point is to keep trying,
But this turned out to be the worst decision of my life,
Just because he decided to
drink and drive.


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