The Wrong and Right Addiction


Humans are addicts. We are addicted to the tantalizing idea of escape.

Escape comes in all forms. Alcohol, drugs, sex. Books, writing, art. Anything that gets

us away from the everyday Life that threatens to envelope us and swallow us whole is


All we want is to be away from what Life throws us at us. That dark, powerful creature.

There's so much stress. There's so much depression. There's so much dark.

There's too much to deal with.

And so, we escape. What's so wrong with that?

What's so wrong with taking a break from the so-called Life we live? What's so wrong with

deciding that we can't take it all day, everyday?

Nothing. Nothing is wrong with escaping.

Except that eventually, we have to go back into that tunnel of darkness that is Life.

We have to come out of our blindness, for we are so blind. Humans are addicts. We are

addicted to escape because it is so easy. We are addicted to finding the easy way out.

We are addicted to constant pleasure. If we do not have it, it must be the fault of Life.

We are so blind.

It so not Life's responsibilty to always give us the pleasure that we so crave. It is our job.

We control our lives. We control the darkness and the light. Life gives us the chance for both.

Escape is darkness, for one will always have to go back and delve into their Life.

Looking for the light. That is truly the best ecape. Constantly seeking the light that is in Life.

Being addicted not to escape, but to the finding the good in the depths of what Life has given


Humans are addicts by nature. We are addicted to escape; but we are consistently addicted

to the wrong kind of escape.



Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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