Written by the people for the people

Sweet dreamssimmering as some bigger things fall into place let’s interlace. Begin to see a brighter future, not just for you and me, for the babies and the babies babies and the babies babies babies and beyond beyond. No need to keep sayin it cause it’s been so long since I’ve been layin it. The foundation for a greater nation. Now it’s time to step up. We no longer playing at games. The ladders ready. 


Drop it into the right pool. I’ll be ready and I’m no longer actin a fool. Ready for the steady. Ready for building and breaking and increasing life expectancy by 200,000,000 and beyond beyond. It’s not foolish because we are a nation of dreamers. And these are the dreams of the real people on the streets so let’s listen up and get to cleaning. Then we step up to be dreamin. Because it’s not a dream unless we’re doing it together. 



I love this great nation and I also know that we are one people of the Mother Earth. I know she has a voice. And she speaks through our heart beats so let’s please be clean and crumble the falling nations that need to breath so that we may release into the new.  Streets rainbow elated


My heart beats of service for Mother Earth ship. She raising us up, would you just listen? Governments are for lesser people than these. We are ready, just let it release. 



A rhythm and rhyme that breathes life into soul and time. Faith in the now. We got this. We got this! And we’re no longer on fire so let’s tinge that desire with service. Service for what is calling in the higher heart. The heart that beats to give life to the children’s feet. Breathe! I gotchu. So listen for my call and show up! I will not let you fall. A heart that beats beyond beyond. 



This poem is about: 
Our world


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