Written Memories Of The Soul


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Written Memories Of The Soul

This is just my point of view
It might be a different definition for you
But my eyes see what they see
So I'll Tell You What Poetry Is
To Me

I define poetry to be written memories of the soul
You describe how
The wind blew through your hair, your scarf, or other clothing
And how differently you see normal things happening around you
In a different way than others do

You put others in a place where they can see EVERYTHING
The smells, the scenery, the emotional, mental, & physically feelings
Making it feel like it's happening to them
As it was happening to you

Memories Captured on paper or the web
Free therapy for those who feel
They have no where else to turn
Perhaps no one will listen
Or maybe the words they want to say
Wont come out right for whatever reason

Something about the rhythem of writing
letter after letter
page after page

They day i discovered poetry
As far as writing it that is
Is the day that changed my life

Now after you this poem
Stop and think about what poetry means to you
And write about it


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