Writing My Future

Upon the page that bleeds my thoughts,

my future stares back in strife.

It’s a jumbled web that has caught me within the spindles,

letting only me seek control of its ways.

As a child, the pen that now caused me hope,

only caused me joy as I became the author of a fairytale.

I became the protagonist, the villain, and even the companions,

allowing my mind to seek comfort in knowing all.

The familiar stroke of a word or a keystroke upon a computer

became my everything.

Every moment I spent, letting my mind run wild,

I began to feel free.

Writing was a hobby, yet it has now settled into my future,

allowing me to create a world that another may enjoy.

My mind has become the tool that will give me a future.

It has become my life, and I will not let it go.

For a child so innocent once upon a time ago,

I have now settled into the comfort of a writer’s mind.



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