Writing.. My Escape To Freedom


United States
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A pen and a sheet of paper, I'm worthy of both. So I can use all my ink and fill my entire paper with words. Words are powerful, words are strong, words are free. Writing is my escape to freedom. I can express myself in ways people won't understand, and no one can judge me. The freedom of speech you say? I abuse that right as a citizen, I don't do It with my mouth, I let my words do it for me. I keep my mouth shut and let my words speak for me. When I'm silent, I press my pen to my paper and let my words flow like the Nile River. The words I put on paper, aren't just words they carry more meaning than a definition in a dictionary. My writing takes me to paradise, I close my eyes, let my pen drive, my hand is the guide, and I take a journey. I love to write because I can write what I can't say. I can be me in writing. Its just me, my words and my imagination. My writing is my escape to freedom, and I love to be free.

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