Writing is Easier than Speaking

Sun, 07/31/2016 - 16:17 -- bvalls

When I was young I wanted the spotlight.

I did whatever I could to have people notice me.

Now, not that much.

I guess that is what happens

When you want to hide from the bullies.

I never really had a specific friend I can vent out to.

Or any person really.

My parents are kind,

But our personality differences clash sometimes.

At first, I had a diary to vent out.

That didn't really work,

But then again I was still a child.

As the years passed by,

I created my own fiction.

Several novels, stories, artwork.

A way to create a world of my own.

That was my way of venting out.

It may not be spefically a certain medium.

But where is the fun sticking to one?

I trust a pen and pencil more than I trust sound.

But the beauty is how a pen and pencil

Can create anything to anyone.

We just need to see it. 

After all, for a writer,

It is easier to create a piece of literature

Than to go up and do a speech.

But sometimes we all need something like that.

Because all veiws of the world are interesting. 

And it is easier to write them all down than say them all.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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