How does one grow tired of a relationship

Do you just wake up and realize that

you’ve invested the bulk of your precious attention

Into someone who was not nearly as precious?


Do you wake up and grow tired of being next to them;

Did you miss the extra space on the bed

The quiet, when you sleep, knowing there was no one snoring next to you?


Every failed relationship was like a novel I never finished

I never knew the ending and that haunts me

The other main character just left and it ruined the whole plot

We don’t know what happened to them, how they felt about it, and it’s all just Very frustrating.


I make up different endings in my mind,

If we had stayed together,

If they came back,

If there was never a problem in the first place,

I try to string together the why’s and you’s but I find myself lacking of

Other letters for words of the alphabet.

I don’t know if it was the pile of mistakes

If they got tired of looking at it

Or at me


Will you miss the soft snores that lulled you to sleep?

Or the loud ones, that woke you for work?

The peaceful nights spent watching their chest rise and fall, until you both became coeval

Will you miss knowing that there was a warm body asleep next to you, ready to

Take you in their arms at any given moment to devour your precious attention?


I would have thought you’d grown used to it, by


What is it like, sleeping in the quiet?


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