Writers Like Piri Thomas And Jim St. Germain

Sat, 08/18/2018 - 21:42 -- Kknox23

We all bleed red,

No matter the tone of our skin

We’ve all felt uncomfortable

With who we were

Allowing others to break us down

One of our many sins


We use our words to hurt

Let our tongues preach hate

Spit venom every which way

Because our hearts can’t understand

The malice we all face


But there are few who grow into their skin

Take up every inch,

Own up to the person within

And instead of teaching evil

To all things good

They write stories

To fill the void

Between those who can’t bridge the gap

And those swallowed whole by the space


These writers

These masters of societal identity

Speak the truth about human ideology

And pull people through the haze

They use their story

To change others’ stories

And teach us things we’ve never cared to see

In one another


That we all bleed red

And we all feel uncomfortable at some point

With who we are

And who we’ve been

And sometimes we’re scared of who we could be


These writers

Sew us together in times when we’re fighting to pull apart

We’re all one

Battling the battles that everyone around us shares


Our valiant storytellers

Allow us to live vicariously

Through another

Who have drown in the same sea as we

To understand

We’re never alone

We’re all human

No matter the color of our skin

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Our world


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