Writers Block Of Love


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So Im Siting here trying to write but I have writers block
I can't express how I feel on this paper , taking the ink to the paper and watching as the words blend just won't happen , my Thoughts are crowded and over loaded with its purest vision of you and the feelings that I feel this poem can never amount up to the truth . Now I can talk all day about how your beauty is so divine and how when you walk past me I'm thinking damn this girl is fine , but thats not even the half of it , I asked god to send me an angel and he sent you , and I'm like what did I do to deserve this you deserve to be up in the sky with the stars so I'm star gazing and it's so astronomical ! I'm a star gazer and I spot you Right in the middle of cupids triangle tilt my head to the side and your still the focus from my angle , god sent you to me so now your my angel ! You got my thoughts and emotions in the air all dangled Still trying to write but these words aren't coming fast enough, trying to separate the two like apartheid in south Africa , I running after ya out of breath but I won't stop till I catch up ya ! They laced my blunt and sprinkled it with a hint of your love , soaring high above the clouds my spirit is free like at funerals with the releasing of the white doves, I'm higher then any blunt could ever get me in spite of your Aroma is very potent got me in love . Head over heels I'm slippin , Shoe laces tied but I'm still Trippin.... Stumbling trying to get these words out but I'm mumbling... I'm Eli manning & the words are a football fumbling..... My heart jumping out my chest cause these words can never amount up to the feelings that I have for you ! So Im Siting here trying to write but I have writers block , these words can never amount to the very blessing of which that is you , this ink to the paper but these words can never amount up to the truth , I guess it's just simple I love you ....got me open reading me like the pages of a book , and after the first chapter of reading girl you got me hooked . No double taking you had my eye from the first look ! But I have writers block and these words can't come fast enough I can't express how I feel on this paper. It's just blatant and obvious I'm head over heels and that's the truth. I'm Trippin trying to chase after you



I like how you just say whatever comes to mind! creative :)

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

almost feels like freestyle
nice rhthym-nice flow
keep writing and let your mind flow with creative thoughts

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