The Writer


I started writing music when I was eleven.

First thing I wrote about,was the man up in heaven.

I never told anybody i was a writer,

I always thought somebody was going to hit me with the three striker.

I went to church everyday,thanking all the people that guided me the right way.

Once somebody took my first song book,

I took it upon myself, and turned the tables on the crook.

I started writing about life,

Hoping everybody understood lifes price.

Once, I got the word out,

Everybody starteded understanding what I was talking about.

I wanted my music to tell a story,

I didn't just want to write about the ordinary.

So now people know who I am,

Now that they know, I hope they all understand.

I am somebody, who is no longer an identity fighter,

I am somebody who is named The Writer.




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