To Write (Wrong | Right)

Tue, 06/18/2013 - 18:05 -- UEA


United States
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Why I write when, how, what, and to whom do I write
To write what some may consider wrong or right
I live to write day and night to lift my spirits and feel alright
Write freely to be me and people to understand me even when they can’t see me
I write for those who have the privilege, not right, to read
Reading, writing, and all forms arithmetic should be synonymous with how humans breathe
And yet somehow, I bet that for all of our blood, tears, and sweat,
Some of us cannot truly write because there’s only so much emotion left
For those who told you that, my friend, they themselves are in the wrong
Emotion is a human condition, like ambition that keeps one’s life long
The fact of the matter is that writing truly does matter
Could make one believe over anything he/she has been deceived
About, thoughts that has had and/or will be in doubt
May you hold those within you or else grow thirsty from a mental drought
One can write wrong things, but the action itself makes it more of the right variation of a fact
A rite of passage to freewrite and/or rewrite, and somehow end up to be right
Oh the feeling can make a man/woman feel so much delight
And soar high in the sky with much flight
Writing to express one’s self can only help oneself
And alleviate and eradicate any of the pain you once felt
Writing can build, recreate, and reconstruct
Removing any bad vibes that were allowed initiated to disrupt
One’s mind is always at war, on a battlefield that’s as dark as no sight
The line is damn near invisible to one’s eyes alright
It matters to the highest degree imaginable, regardless of any “right or wrong” hype
This and much more is all why I, like many, LIVE to write…


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