Write or Flight

Sat, 07/16/2016 - 18:55 -- Rimes

Running in circles

Inside my head

I have to get out

Alive or dead

Shatter the mirrors

I can't bear to look

My eyes tear out the pages

Of my body's book

People drink to be at ease

With other people, vodka please

But I dilute my blood with ink

So that I can wear my skin at peace


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"What do poetry and being a poet mean to you?

Why did you decide to become a poet? How did poetry enter your life in the first place? Maybe there was a specific poem that struck you, or you just found a connection with your pen and paper (or keyboard) and couldn't stop writing. Tell us in a poem your personal poetry story for your chance to win."


Poetry gives me a voice in a room full of people who are screaming. Expressing myself through poetry is what keeps me sane. In the workplace, at school, In our daily lives, many of the things we want to say may not be "appropriate" at the time and we find ourselves suppressing our thoughts and opinions because they may not be deemed socially "acceptable" or "normal". At the end of the day, when I've just about suppressed myself into a stupor, I find relief by channeling the frustrations and confusion of this world into what I write.

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