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They asked me, why do you write?
Is it because you think its cool to throw down some lines,
and make a few things rhyme?
I then replied, I said
I write because my daddy told me so,
he said "baby, grab a pen & write down everything you believe in,
because one day. someone. might read it"
I disregarded what he said
Thinking who wants to read about a teenage girls life
her triumph, her stories, her strife
But then again, what stopped the world from reading all about Anne?
that's right, nothing?
See my generation fails to realize,
we have the right to say, something.
The ability to change the world if only we tried
I think its about time, we pried open our hushed mouths
and proudly spoke aloud
Because we are the keys to the FUTURE
maybe if we stopped trying to live this "as seen on tv" lifestyle
we could come up with a solution
change the world if we tried
start using our minds
instead of exploiting it to those who think its cool to commit a crime
becoming another statistic
as though you have wished it
But maybe you could try to be different
whats the point of going through life with out making a single difference
maybe you should write
and when thy ask you why?
say you intend to battle this world
with only one friend
and that's the pen...


misty sylvan

Love your poem your dad would be so proud of I told uncle Bruce to Google u. We luv u all and your cuz courtnee is reaching out to u to

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