Write To Burst



All around us. Inside us. About us.

Biography. Why me? Because the words flow.

An Animal fights and claws at the lining of my soul. 

Ripping inward to pull itself outward. Shadows

hide it and give it shelter from public perception. Deception

is its game and goal. dont let them see inside and realize. but 

I cant keep it all inside. I'm fit to burst at the seams it seems  that without an outlet I'll pop

A balloon left on the spiket too long. Let

it feed in the words. Let the beast be shown, exposed in poetry. Poke

the tiniest hole in the balloon and relieve the pressure. Slate

the beast. Let the claws subside let the turmoil heal and let it be. 

Tired now from expended energy. 

Drifting, Slipping, Sweeping away the worries that they'll see through

its mask through me.

I have written, And now I hope they have seen.


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