to write is to breathe


United States
37° 35' 0.3948" N, 77° 25' 6.8088" W

Every time i hold her in my hands
i cant help but take her to the lined ballroom floor,
its there together we dance our moves
, and express myself more intimately than before.

sometimes she's dressed as a BIC, white tube, blue
ready to give birth to my sadness
she alone can bring from hidden internal truth

other times shes plain as rain, a papermate no.2
her heads all frazzled from repeated erasure
yet she's ever ready to capture my feelings
as if on cue.

She's been more loyal than any lover,
and she's almost always at my side
ready to capture the moments
in every breath I can dare to write

through the tough teens of my high school years
the drug use and the bullying
She's been my counselor and my confidant
and its only in her arms my dreams we're coloring.

Brilliant dreams, amid bold events,
my lifes story in blended words and hues
she's the paintbrush to my picasso
I'm here leonardo, shes my muse.

I write because ive been romanced
i write because ive lost more than ive won
but the more i sit here typing with her
the more i realize I cant finish what ive begun.

To try to illustrate this passion, or this flame
is akin to singing a love song, to a person, without a name

The words pour from my heart like a pot of deep steamed tea
mixed with a little smile, a creamy hyperbole
add a little sweetness, of a true experience from life
and youve got a cup of the finest poetry, a keyboard could breathe
couldnt ever dare to dream or write.


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