Write in that Book


United States
42° 38' 17.3076" N, 87° 49' 31.8036" W

When words become too hard to speak
for others to hear, to understand,
I write my thoughts into a book
to lessen the weight that drives my hand
I write in that book which no one sees
to comprehend and to record
I write in that book that's hidden away
because pen is mightier than sword
I write in that book of golden gilt
to shout at those I'd rather not
I write in that book to calm my mind,
to battle my demons 'till all have been fought
I write in that book, my sanctuary,
when inspiration seizes my dreams
I write in that book, that savior of men,
within which lie secrets and tortured screams
When seeking salvation from torment and grief,
that book provides comfort, insight and relief
This is why poems endure through the ages
To keep sane men sane
Silent words on blank pages


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