We all do it for a reason,

This little thing people call writing,

Some for buisness,

Others for social,

Some just want to be recognized,

Others just want money,

But we all have our reasons,

I must write everyday,

I don't care for fame or fortune,

I just look for strength,

A way to get up in the morning,

A way to carry on through this thing called life,

I write to express the pain,

I write to express the joy,

To capture every moment,

Because we know we won't remeber them forever.

Words are forever,

We read and decipher all the old texts,

Because they hold the keys to life,

Thousands of years from now,

People will decipher our words,

Because they are the key to a world,

A society unknown to them,

But captured through our words,

Through our expression and love,

We show people how we live,

We show them our pain.

Our joy's and all of life's moments,

We paint them the greatest picture ever,

We show them that the power of words transcends generations,

Words know no gap.

Words are endless.

Words are forever.


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