Wrinkle In His Plan

Mother lives a simple life,

Stay at home mom,

Stay at home wife.

Two little girls,

Ages 9 and 13, 

Filled with love,

And filled with dreams.


Mother fulfills all of our needs,

Cleaning, cooking,

Mouths to feed.

As days go by, 

Something isn't right.

Mother went to the hospital last night.

In comes the doctor,

In comes the nurse,

Mother pulls some Advil out of her purse.


Sits down the daughters,

With sunkissed cheeks,

Mother's now been hidding this secret for weeks.

Out spills her sorrow,

Out spills her fears,

It's going to be a very long next two years.


Day of the surgery,

Family gatheres around,

Daughter let's out a pitiful sound.

"Are you going to die?" she whispers in tears,

Mother says no,

But never liked facing her fears.


Daughter turns to God,

In an attempt for forgiveness,

Mother shouldn't be punished,

Mother didn't do this.


Daughter faced years of wanting to take her own life,

Losing all real friends and confiding in the knife.

Now she sees Mother,

Weak and asleep,

Dear God, please give my Mother her life to keep.

In the months since the surgery,

Daughter connects with the "Big Man,"

Cancer and Depression were just a wrinkle in his plan.


Mother in remission,

Daughter now 18,

Recovery road is even better than it seems.







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My family
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