Would you let me steal a moment ?.... from this otherwise  moribund day .

If I caught your attention ? What kindness could you send my way ! Three little words...they could brighten any gloomy day . By

I know it might not seem like much .... take my word it is . 

People walking around  noses in their phones .

Let me catch your eye and see what there might be to say .

If it doesn’t work out .... we’ll... thank you anyway .


It isn’t always going to be three little birds ... boy I wish it could .

It wasn’t supposed to be so easy ..... wow this is really hard . Wow , I’m running out of time and just played the last card . It takes a moment for what was planted to grow . It takes faith in between that something has taken hold .


Tell me that winters coming .... it’s already way , way , cold . You claim there’s a hero . There’s a difference between wise and bold . We’re thinking that the demons been thrown . There’s three black robes homeboy’s placed .When he was the apprentice..... who’d ever have known .


Maybe the crosses are now two by fours . Maybe the eight eights will go on home . I really don’t think that’s the way it plays . They all had some sunshine .... they’re tanned to stay .

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Our world
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