I'd apologize for the times I constantly goof around,
Cracking jokes, making voices just to see your smile,
But I don't regret a second; I'd never take it back.
Every moment's God given; blesses me in ways I can't seem to crack,
Can't comprehend, don't understand, the way you make me feel;
Just one more reason to thank and know our God is real
You remind me of His goodness and live a life of His grace;
Your name's a mask, and your flesh is a tool used to shine His face
Through your tuned heart and calm smile,
Your warm hugs and love make life worthwhile.
I know you aren't perfect though sometimes its hard to believe.
I could go on forever but eventually I must leave
And escape this world of admiration that you take me to,
This land of peace and safety inhabited with only me and you.

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Nice if u think and thank God for the blessing of love too like u did. Awesome rhyming and loving poem. Kudos.



pleez read and comment on my poems too. 

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