The Worth of a Like

Mon, 01/05/2015 - 17:41 -- Pukki97


I am me. 

I would be me.

No matter the filter on the camera

I will remain me. 

I could be dressed to the nines

and choose the filter that hides all the imperfections 

I will still be me. 

Me, Myself, and I. 

But what is that version of me worth?

A couple likes 

and a few minutes of satisfaction.


Pick the filter that fits best. 

Doll yourself up.

Smile wide.

Head up high. 

Pose for that picture that 

will be a fleeting moment

out of hundreds of moments 

of you getting the perfect angle 

so you look good enough for people 

who only acknowledge you 

through a screen 

with a tap 

and not even a 



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