The Worst Comeback

Mon, 01/16/2017 - 17:15 -- T_Sabb

I ask myself ..these questions from day to day

               Is she the way?

               Is today the day?

               Am I going to be ok?

See.. this is where the problem lies...

She's giving me the conception of despising eyes

And everytime I see them I get lost time ....

I'm always chasing girls that look at me with disgrace

I'm stuck in space

I smile, and I laugh, and tell myself it's only a face

                                          But... Really..

               What am I to do?

               Who am I to tell?

               Would you rather be lonely in heaven, or have someone in hell?

I need to crawl out of my shell.. and let my soul do the talking

Cause the only words that hurt, are the words left unspoken.



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