Worn Pages

Writing on a page is like putting scars on skin. They both leave stories. However, while ink will fade and pencil smudge away, scars on skin are things that stay. A blank page can be equated to the pureness of a child. It has yet to be marked by the world. In much the same way a child's heart is pure, for it has yet to be broken or hurt. The heart of you or me, can be compared to novels. They are covered in scars, have been beaten, broken, and torn apart. Even though held before and it's greatly worn, the pages have never been read. You found my novel fallen behind the bookshelf, and dusted it off. You read until there was no more writing,  just blank pages. So you picked up a pen and you finished the story that no one else could. You are the author of my happily ever after, and I'm so glad you wrote yourself into it.


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