Worlds End Angels Begin


United States
41° 52' 58.1844" N, 87° 45' 6.228" W

Everybody has to go when their time comes now with the earth beginning to crumble don't be afraid just put your trust in faith now. There's no reason to run from death that's what lives all about. We were created to do right because when worlds end angels begin.

We serve our purpose here get ready for the earth to end its just a new beginning for us to remember only the wicked goes to the devils hole and if you were good as gold you with god where you belong that don't do wrong but always stay strongbecause worlds end angels begin.

With gracing in the air don't be scared because we're all human being that are one in the same our spirits are rising heaven awaits like a glow of hope. We look past disaster follow the path of truth with worlds end angels begin.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

we all have a purpose in this world-its about knowing what it is
when that comes and it's over, you just know
great poem-it's realistic, but always make the most while you are here

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