The worlds deteriorating


Im like a shadowed rose 
Seeking out for attention
Making a living 
Without any regression 
People in my ear
Starting rumors 
Why cant they help it
Is it because they love me to much
Or they hate on my succession
I didnt think it would be this hard
To Be noticed here its like a free for all 
What is really right or wrong
Factual evidence 
is rarely seen at all
Guilt to innocence 
Guilt is done on a regular bases
Almost as the world 
Is bound for hating 
Who really regulating? 
A nuisance
Almost seen as stupid
As the world deteriorating
So much love, no cupid
Populace grows min by min
Less educated women 
Who bound to finish 
Or is it
Just mind control
Never a chance 
Just workin to old 
Barely enough to support a home
Its Ashame 
People like me
Wanna live on they own
So so Hysterical 
But lyrical
Something type mystical 
And if they dont believe me
I dont mind
Thats why i have biblical


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