A World Without Retakes

Tue, 12/09/2014 - 21:47 -- Lesley


Regrets and shame

Moments that will never be the same

There is no rewind button

No delete

No fast-forward or a pause

This society breathes and lives through computerized chips surgically dug into our brains

From that moment our eyes are open to the reality of what everyone makes clear is true

All the claims that they’re right and that I’m wrong

From that moment my so comfy bubble was burst into so many pieces…

I couldn’t count

For I was wrong

All my childhood dreams falling farther than anyone’s ever gone

Dug deeper than the deepest most profound spot in this cruel world

Pushing me down to join the rest because where I was, wasn’t normal

I was never classified in that stereotypical mind set

Something people couldn’t understand

Didn’t try to comprehend a different way of thinking

Because a flower is not just “pretty”

A flower is a piece of art handcrafted and perfected by nature

A flower is not just a plant grown from the dirt

A flower is exactly formulated to make this world just a little more beautiful.

A little more durable and just a bit more real

That’s what should be called real!

In this world all you see is fake

Implants are now the solution of not have the perkiest chest or the biggest butt

Every girl is brainwashed in thinking that it’s more essential to have the biggest curves than to have the biggest brain

Every boy is urged to have the biggest muscles because reading is just not cool anymore

Sick and tired of all the judgmental hypocrites who feed off other peoples pain

So tired of the people who complain of not having the newest phones and cars while there are children praying for a simple meal the next day

Instead listening to the newest hits on the radio why not listen to the growling stomachs of the people who have no more strengths to even say a word

Instead of complaining

How about you take a good hard look on how many people dream of having those opportunities

Call it your conscience,

Call it karma,

Call it a blessing or a punishment

Just know there’s always going to be a situation that’s worse

You’re not alone in this world full of hate

But what all those stubborn computerized humans think should have no effect on how you live each day

Every morning is a new page in a book full of memories

No pages can be ripped

No pages can be forged because the truth comes out

No pages can be changed

But a new page can be made

I will believe in a love story even if they say fairytales don’t exist

I will still believe in success even if they say it’s impossible

Who are they to tell me what I can and cannot

Who are they to make decisions on my story

But who would I be if I actually listened

Just another stereotypical computerized human roaming the world looking for the purpose everyone denies.


would never be me

I hold the pencil to my own story.



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