A World Without Imagination

I could go a day in life without human interaction.

I could venture into the world and say nothing or raise an eyebrow to the uncertainty.


But to believe that there will ever be a world without imagination


It is baffling.


So, I question what would the world be without Imagination?

Would it be the thought of colors that go  unseen by a blind man?

Or Music unheard by the deaf?


The world without imagination is like a TV only showing static.

The lack of a child’s laughter as they play with their toys, though they are playing alone.
The lack of joy and amusement that once filled a being whole that their cup of life began to overflow.


The world without imagination is like waking up in the morning not hearing birds chirping.

It’s the ocean without waves.

A widow who has come to the conclusion that now she has no more love to share.


To me, that is what the world would be without imagination.

A world so dull, cruel, and impossible to live by. For Imagination is the driving force for a human’s  success and happiness.

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