World View

Good vs Evil
Light Vs Dark
Daily Doses of Sin
Always trying to tear my soul apart
This world is too cold hearted
For my warm kinded heart
If death will be my ending
Then why should my life even start
I'm not suicidal
These are just my radical thoughts
Niggas think they scheming
Until they get cought
Niggas always wonder why their broke
Until they remember all the gold chains expensive clothes
And Jordan's they bought
People parting smoking and drinking nonsense
They regret what they did in the past
They wish they was in their past tense
I'm out of control cuz this world don't make sense
Cash rules everything around me CREAM
Money over everything
Till the last dolla is spent
Nobody in this genre make FUCKING sense!!!!
These are my radical thoughts
I hope you just think for a minute
Yall acting like yall brains ant worth shit
These sumblinal criminals robbing yall of yall concious
Yall let these fucking cops kill innocent people
Man this country so monsterous
Ignorance is bliss
The media got the world
blind fold mined
Eyes Wide Shut
I never get tired of it
Gotta trick up my sleeve
Im on my wild card shit
I got that gambino flow
No wonder my word play so childish

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Our world
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