The World That Teens Are Living In

It's a messed up world that teens are living in

Girls are competing to become the prettiest

They're using the most recent fads to become the thinnest

The boys are taking steroids to become the strongest

Don't you realize that that's not the healthiest


We're turning to drugs to overcome our fears

And then there's the cutting that brings us all to tears

We think it's cool to judge each other 

I hope you realize that we're all in this together


We think it's cool to wear band t-shirts to school 

To show the others what genre we listen to

But, life in itself is a genre through and through


Life is a beautiful thing

But, we are creating it to be a death ring

We think that we're different, but in reality, we are just the same people

Looking through the halls through a tiny peep hole

Hoping that no one can see

The pain that we flee

And the lies that we plee


Girls are getting pregnant and we're thinking that that's redundant

Those children are a blessing but we're thinking of it as just one less thing


There are kids who come to school to get away from their families

But when they arrive, we make fun of their abilities

Their dad may beat them in their dome

And their mom may never be home

And we see them as just another washed up kid

Who doesn't deserve to live


There are teens who are so depressed

Who are also very impressed

By the mask that they wear around everyone

And by the way that they can fool anyone


Teen suicide is no joke

And with this poem that I'm writing I'm about to choke

Even though this poem is through,

I've got one less thing left to say to you

It's a messed up world that teens are living in

And we're all living in it too



This poem is about: 
Our world


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