The World In Me


What would you change?

You might shout out your own incompleteness

You might notice that in the body

Body of Christ there are many members

How about

how many languages do you speak?

There are rumours about your diverse ethnic background


You can't change the world

before conquering your own

flaws and moan

To stop the entrance of toxic extracts

such as depravity and greed

anger, fear and jealousy

Replace these with love


According to others you have to get mad

if you want the world to start changing

but in my opinion they're crazy

because if you answer to one's sorrow with anger

the pain won't end with extended negativity

but with a new perspective

of beating the issues with positivity


Once you've changed inside and out

it's easier to ask for mercy from the Father

when you learn to respect yourself

it's easier to begin to love the world

and pay the good forward you've received

Then we're closer to permanent change

when one by one we confess our flaws


Expect something good

so that your environment will turn into permanent good

Stop thinking about money

as it increases poverty and resentment

Stop living the past

or it shall return to you right now

to clear the account



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