World Inspiration


I find it in anything

And everything


I find it scattered among my senses

The stinging feeling of winter's frozen bite

The hush sound of the ocean waves as they fall and rise

The sweet taste of strawberries freshly picked last night

The smoky smell of firewood as it burns strong and bright

The calm sight of animals exploring in the soft morning light

All of it brings me inspiration and imagintion to my mind



I find it in people all over the world

The brave men, women, boys, and girls

Who stand for what they believe in not matter the cost

Those who fight and find a victory in every loss

I find it in the great fathers and brothers

And the amazing sisters and mothers

In all the selfless people who have a free helping hand

that they always reach out to others


I find inspiration in 


and Everyone


and Everything









This poem is about: 
Our world


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