A world if you can see

Thu, 07/04/2013 - 20:05 -- aeris

The child in me
with artistic ability
People around her
telling her that she cannot be.

 Wanting to express
her feeling through words
the people tell her
wake up from your dream

 pain, void, and misery
who could have read?
the unspoken words she kept hidden inside
finding comforts only through these page
escape from a tragic memory
if only you could see

 embedded her most inner feeling down with the pen
when she flip the page, the pain flow back again
a magic pen and the blank white portal
they kept her secret in confidential 
a new friend is all she got

 she'll tell this friend everything
like a mystical place where there's only be spring
a world of nothing but happiness
no strife, pain, or agony
a world, if only you can see  


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