The world I love in.

the world i live in is so ignorant . we base our choices off how others will react . we change our hair, clothes , shoes , & personalities just to fit into a box . when will society learn that fitting into a box is just another form of control. the world i live in is so ignorant. since when does the complexion of my skin define how i will act. since when does being 

lighter than the next mean that you are prettier or will text back later? when will society learn that these stereotypes are self-produced. the world i live in is so ignorant . since when does smoking or killing others make you cool. i guess being a " hitta " or a " drilla " is worth taking the life of another as you throw away yours . the world i live in is so ignorant. everything has to be black & white . segregation ended awhile ago so i thought . but everyday i see issues that blacks have to face just because they are black. white children are taught to hate those of color . THE WORLD I LIVE IN IS SO IGNORANT . since when is it a problem for two people who are madly in love to be married or adopt children. love does not stop due to sexuality . two men can love a child or each other alot harder and better than a man and a woman . but yet again . the world i live in is so ignorant . so i wont expect yall to possibly understand and grasp what im saying. the world so ignorant that the words i write will go on & get read but not cared about . you'll hear a " yeah she's right " or a " that's true" but the world i live in is to ignorant to change . to ignorant to see that the path we are on is crumbling . we have hit the self destruction button on ourselves but wait the world is to ignorant to see that 
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Our world


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