The World I Live In

I live in a world where the youth would rather stare at a screen,
Over watching the sun set.
A world that cares more about grades then learning, 
To the point where kids would rather cheat then admit they need to learn more
A world where we would rather praise the ignorant youth twerking,
Then appreciate the youth working.
A world where committing things that harm others help the wrong people,
And we praise the filth that committed the deed.
A world where kids would rather die,
because of a Christmas present with a screen and wifi,
Then live life to the fullest.
I live in a world where welfare checks
Go to stores like Gucci instead of the stomachs of starving kids
A world where the Kardashians get more attention,
 Then the Rodney Kings of everyday life 
A world where the nice guy finishes last,
That is if he isn't picked off by the guy that won the race.
A world that would rather spend billions on wars,
Instead of spending it on the millions dying.
A world that would rather make racist jokes,
Then put an end to racism.
 A world where an unloyal husband hugs his kids as a loyal father.
A world where I use the word "loyal" loosely.
I live in a prison cell where the inside is covered in markings that tell me I am free.
I live in a world where those that were once serving our country,
No longer eat full servings.
A world where we say "keep the peace" yet,
We can not keep what we never had.
A world where the uninformed send
The unwilling over seas to
Those unwanting of our "help" 
A world where the word "help" is a cover for ulterior motives 
A world where good parents bury their uniformed children
 A World where the seriousness of this poem won't reach out of this website
A world where I wish I was wrong.


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