A World Full of Fakes

Isn’t it funny how everyone walks around with fake smiles on their faces?;

Fake ears to listen to others’ fake cases;

They made up in hopes that someone could possibly care;

If they’re looking for genuity they better look elsewhere;


For they won’t find it in this world full of corruption;

Unless it is wrapped in green bills by those who fuel destruction;

Working on their acting skills and plastic heart construction;

To compete against their clones, there was an overproduction;


It’s amazing to think that still so many haven’t got the message;

Do they realize that every thought is another wreckage?;

Why would they have so much faith in others?;

Can they not see what lies beneath the covers?;

Of the stack of loneliness that just keeps piling up;

I guess the yelling and rebelling was just not enough;

To get people to realize that society is upside down;


Maybe this is why we teens all clown around;

Because what’s the point of going through hell with a frown;

So brighten up your mood, take life as a joke;

It’s not like you’re going to get out of it alive, so might as well go for broke;


And I think it’s interesting how humans can be so gullible;

Like when they alter pictures of space to make celestial objects look colorful;

But I guess it is a fine way to live life, pretending that everything is positive;

Little do they know about anti-matter like us who live life the opposite;


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My community
My country
Our world
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