World at Different Angles

Thu, 03/23/2017 - 12:59 -- Jyli

I see the world!

But not like you…..

‘You? How do you see the world? How does it differ from how I see it’ You ask.

You see I have what some people call Autism.

But it’s just a label!

No word can define who you are.

You see a beautiful pink rose.

Me? I see a wonderful part of nature that is as delicate as the wind.

You? You see a big oak tree.

Me? I see an item in nature with a story to tell.

You see the ocean.

I see a life just like the one above ground

You can see something as simple as a dead leaf on the ground.

Yet I see a thing that once lived and lived and lived until one day Fall came, then Winter, then Spring again to pop up again all over the trees, then Summer when it gets warm and the trees prepare for Fall again.

You see the beautiful sunset.

Me? I see the same one I just think of how we will never see one like it again.

I see your world but it’s much more simplified than mine.

You see our country as it is today,

I see it as something we fought hard for and sacrificed things we loved. I see our country as it is growing, not as it has stopped.

Yes, there are things we can improve on, as you say, we could have equal pay and rights for all

I see the world!

But not like you.

This poem is about: 
My country


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