in a world

in a world so strange,


i think we all can see


how the poor will beg,


and the rich will smile with glee


in a world this peculiar,


where people down pills like candy


and everyone drags around chains,


while chugging gallons of brandy


in a world this cruel,


we all wrap blindfolds around our eyes;


but it's really unnecessary,


all we could ever see were lies.


in a world this blind,


we all write about love,


it probably doesn't exist


but who'd not trade a crow for a dove?


in a world so materialistic,


we all judge others


alienate ourselves,


and treat them not as brothers


in a world so loathing


how do we smile again?


since now, we only look


for something else to gain


in a world so unbalanced,


how are we to be free?


in a world that is ours,


how are we to be?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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