The World

One love for a higher power

And all we do is argue.

In this final hour,

Recognize the common

rather than the feud.


We forget the heart,

But focus on the blood.

Noticing the light,

But not the candle.


Still, there is deeper scripture

in every word written by our Gods.

Love, kindness, beauty, heart,

Passion, optimism, new starts.


However, when hell rises, we all

Join, combine, and intertwine

To show we are NOT small,

But in fact, tall.


Tall because we are lifted up by the

Love, light, power and ability

That is blessed upon our

Innocence at birth.


We do not grow up hating,

Nor are we taught by our holy words,

But in fact, by our own

Head, heart and soul.


So rather than listening to these

Inner screams, weeps and cries,

Listen to your God that you so

Solely and unconditionally love

And celebrate what comes from







And new starts.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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