The World

Greet the Day When the day is roughand the night is near,and its cooling caressClears away my weariness and Soothes my blistered body with Its kindness. When the Nightmares come out to playTo fool my mindTo trick my heartTo take my fears and amplifytheir effectivenessLaughing as I writhe in pain. When my worries pile upand threaten to drown mein a sea of self-hatred and my very being overwhelmedwith the memories of past mistakesand Dreams gone sour. When it's me against the Worldand I can feelmy grip slippingI wonderIf there is evena point intrying. But then,I remember The brightness of a sunriseThe beauty of a smileThe happinessthat surrounds meevery day. I rememberThat the world is worth getting up for.  

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I'm not sure why the formatting is messed up but here is the poem the way it's supposed to look:


When the day is rough

and the night is near,

and its cooling caress

Clears away my weariness and 

Soothes my blistered body with 

Its kindness. 


When the Nightmares come out to play

To fool my mind

To trick my heart

To take my fears and amplify

their effectiveness

Laughing as I writhe in pain.


When my worries pile up

and threaten to drown me

in a sea of self-hatred and

my very being overwhelmed

with the memories of past mistakes

and Dreams gone sour. 


When it's me against the World

and I can feel

my grip slipping

I wonderIf there is even

a point in



But then,

I remember 

The brightness of a sunrise

The beauty of a smile

The happiness

that surrounds me

every day. 


I remember

That the world is worth getting up for. 


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