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While my dissolved thoughts take to this state
I find myself precipitating
My aspirations of perspiration
And try to calculate the weight

I know I owe the earth my body
I know I owe it's stone my mind
I know I owe the water my blood
I know I owe all time my time

I work my hands to steward stink
All the while the negligible world wreaks
Havoc in it's selfish reproduction
And my own sustenance begets it's function

We'll go, passing on our moment's energy
Colliding and confiding
Collecting momentum and synergy
And at the end, all I wish
Is to decompose

Into the bowels of the biota
And the mold, I wish to rot
Away the feelings those words may conjure
No matter prevents my energy to wander.

And do not paint me to be living
My cheeks rosied and my lips pursed
But make available my eyes organs
To nurture nearby worms and birds

Because in death, there is an exponent of life
And I wish to be the environment
On which it thrives and multiplies
It's because of this I have the thought:
As in passing of all sweet fruits,
The balance of beauty lies in
Ruin and rot.

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This is a reflection of my work as a science student, permaculture lifestyle and personal beliefs about my body's connection to Earth.


I really love your wording! you have talent (and I'm really picky)


I really like this, I'm no literary critic or literary anything for that matter, but this poem really spoke to me. (I also have a science background, that may be why)

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