The Working Class Frog

I was a lonely frog in a fantastic pond

My skin was green and I lived on caffeine 

'Till that one day came when a golden ball fell

On the top of my head so I came up unplanned


With a coffee in hand, I was like "what the heck?"

And a funny looking lady said "what they freak? Frogs can't speak!".

"I'm ain't no frog, milady, I'm a prince!

You see this pond? It is mine since.


I've quacked this pond before you walked this castle

Anyway is this ball yours? Did you make the hassle?"

"Oh yeah! It's mine," said the princess...

And knocked me off within the instance.


I wake up in the castle in bed.

The princess by my side is set. 

I'm a just like "Yo, what up?"

"Not much, you're just marrying me pup"


"Wait a second, milady, I'm a working class frog!

I'm in charge of that pond on the east side of Castle.

It looks nice, thou wait 'till I raise my taxes

That is the time when I'll pay your finances"


"You're free of all debt, my friend!

I'm not taxing, my dear, you're fine.

Only one thing I need you to do 

Is to marry me by tomorrow's dine"


And I married her, like what up I'm a frog!

I don't see many humans that care.

Ain't no problem leaving my pond,

I'll get myself a castle.


With some dark magic and death of a few

She turned me into a human.

I'm no longer a working class frog,

I hooked up myself with a rich woman! 

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